I just want to thank everyone for reading my web comic: Adventures with Capt’n Heroic. It has been a ton of fun to make and I’m very excited to get the rest of it out. It makes it so much more fun to actually see people reading it. So, Thank you!
I’m currently finished writing/drawing the first Chapter: In the Beginning. I’m now working on refining the second chapter which is code named: “BuddyBrothel.com” for now. I’m still working on a name for part of the story, so once I get that done, I’ll know the name of the chapter.
I also already have Chapter 3 outlined and pretty much ready to go…. so it’s all in my head and ready for you to read.
I have realized that the more I write, the more fun I have, and the better the stories get. So that’s good for everyone! I really hope you enjoy what I’ve posted so far, and I hope you’re ready for what I have in store.
Thanks again!
Jonathan Greer