A Bit About the Creator

Hey! I’m Jonathan Greer, the funny looking guy in the picture above.  I am the creator of Adventures with Captain Heroic. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to create my own comic series. I remember my cousin, Brandon, and I coming up with all these awesome ideas and drawing up all these awesome characters that we wanted to bring to life in a comic just like the X-Men were. We loved the X-Men and we loved Marvel Comics. Every Saturday morning we would watch X-Men the animated series, and if one of us ever missed it, we would ask the other to record it on VHS.

Later in life, after I got out of my “I’m too cool for comics” teenage stage, I stated getting a bit into Flash animation. I wanted to create my own cartoon. I even made a few cartoons and posted them on YouTube. All of them were pretty shallow, and the story was lacking, but it taught me a very important lesson: Cartoons take forever to make! My initial plan for Capt’n Heroic was to make a cartoon series. I sat on the idea for several years and even wrote some stories for Capt’n Heroic out. I just couldn’t decide how to start making a cartoon series without either trying to sell him out to a network, or hiring a ton of people to help on the work. I didn’t want to do either. I have a vision for CH that I don’t want some big network to get their hands on and dictate, and I don’t have the money to pay a bunch of people to help out. I was stuck. Then one day I was digging through my storage unit and I found all of those superheros that my cousin and I created as a kid. Then it hit me. Why don’t I turn Capt’n Heroic into a comic. And here I am.

Now, A bit about Capt’n Heroic

Adventures with Capt’n Heroic is going to be a light hearted series that sometimes takes on serious topics.
You see, Capt’n Heroic isn’t the courageous, selfless hero that you think of when you think of a Super Hero. Capt’n Heroic is a man-child. He has the strength of 1000 men; he can fly high above the clouds; he can hear the sneeze of an ant in Japan while he is being pummeled by gun fire at a Metallica concert in North America; he probably has even more powers that I’m not mentioning… But he doesn’t quite have the experience and knowledge needed to be the hero that he is expected to be. Capt’n Heroic is a child in a man’s body. He didn’t have the childhood that everyone else had. He didn’t get to play with Legos, action figures, or matchbox cars like everyone else did. He didn’t learn not to pick his nose in public or any of the other normal things a person learns to fit in with society. Capt’n Heroic wants to figure himself out and be the kid that he never was.Unfortunately, kids have to do things that they don’t always want to do. Capt’n Heroic was sent to Earth to save it, and that’s what he must do. He accepts his responsibility. After all, what kid doesn’t want to be a SuperHero and save the day. With the help and guidance of his trusty friends “SideKick” and Jay, there is nothing that Capt’n Heroic can’t do.

Why the weird spelling of Captain: Capt’n?

The main reason is that captainheroic.com was already taken and the owner didn’t want to sale the domain name. Also, I really liked the name Captain Heroic, but there are a few characters out there with that name. None of them are main characters, and none of them carry their own titled comics or shows, but I still wanted the name to be a bit different. (Yes, I know, it’s not really that different at all.) Then, when I was writing the origin story for “Captain Heroic” I realized that “Capt’n” worked with his Origin. So, that’s what it is: Capt’n Heroic.


Original concept of Capt'n heroic (Captain)

Like I said before, I first thought of Capt’n Heroic as a Flash animation. The above image is the first concept drawing I created for him. I designed it to be very easily animated. As you can see Capt’n Heroic evolved over the years. The one thing that stayed constant however was his child like personality. Below are a few technical drawings for the current version of Capt’n Herioc.

Adventures with Capt'n Heroic Captain       Adventures with Capt'n Heroic Captain

Below are some of the sketches I made when first drawing the characters Lue and Jay. As you can see I went through several ideas before they became what they are in the comic.

Lue from Capt'n Heroic Lucifer Captain     Jay (Jesus) from Adventures of Capt'n Heroic